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RO Membrane Antiscalant

MARS Chem’s Membrane Antiscalant is a super-threshold RO membrane antiscalant and antifoulant which is able to stabilize a wide range of supersaturated salt solutions, thereby prevents the precipitation on the membrane surface.

It minimizes the risk of scaling and eliminates the use of hazardous acids, resulting in efficient plant operation with highest possible conversion rate.

MARS CHEM’S Membrane Antiscalant is effective in minimizing scaling in presence of foulants like Calcium Carbonate, Sulfate salts of Calcium, Barium, Stronium and Magnesium, Calcium Fluoride, Iron and Silica.

Key Features and Benefits

• Safe to handle and use

• Very high recovery rate of membrane

• Low Chemical dosage and hence results cost effective

• Effective over a wide variety of foulants

• Does not cause any calcium or iron based phosphate deposition as in case of SHMP

• Establishes significantly longer intervals between cleaning

• Compatible with all kinds of memranes

RO Antiscalant Chemicals

MARS CHEM’S Antiscalant Chemical is made specifically as a general purpose liquid antiscalant / antifoulant for membrane systems. MARS CHEM’S Antiscalant Chemical is characterized by its tight molecular structure, weight range and clear color which indicates the absence of impurities.

MARS CHEM’S Antiscalant Chemical controls fouling of scales of carbonate and sulfate salts of calcium, magnesium, barium and stronium; also iron and colloidal deposits. It is a very effective antiscalant for waters with high LSI and SDI. Slightly effective in high silica water. MARS CHEM’S Antiscalant Chemical keeps membrane permeate flow close to design, and minimizes downtime and membrane cleaning cost.

Key Features and Benefits

• Effective scale control

• High recovery rate

• Clear liquid

• Cost Effective

• Effective Iron fouling control by sequestration

• Reduced frequency of membrane cleaning

• Compatible with all types of membranes

• Completely organic and biodegradable

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