Boiler Chemicals

Descaling Chemical : MARS Chem’s Boiler Online Descalant is a unique formulation of organic and inorganic sequestrants and dispersants which are designed to keep the boiler internals free from scale, which are formed during operation. It slowly removes iron, calcium and magnesium scales during the normal boiler operation, and therefore called Online Boiler Descalant.

Key Features and Benefits• No Downtime or shutdown required

• Non-Corrosive to metallurgy

• Does not require a separate cleaning circuit and hence is easy to use Saves Man-power

• Economical

• Saves power by removing scales

Antiscalant for Boiler

Antiscalant for Boiler : MARS Chem’s Boiler Antiscalant includes Powder Antiscalant, Boiler Sludge Conditioner, Sludge Remover, Boiler Water Phosphate Treatment, Phosphate Polymer Treatment, Sodium Tri poly Phosphate etc. These are all online boiler internal tubes treatment compound based on polymeric dispersants for sludge conditioning, poly-phosphates and polymers for scale and corrosion inhibition. It imparts excellent online cleanliness of boiler internals by preventing scale, metal ions and metal oxide deposits formation

Key Features and Benefits

• Prevents scale formation: MARS CHEM’S Boiler Sludge Conditioner contains a powerful polymeric dispersant which prevents scale formation. It fluidizes the scale forming material and reduces accumulation on internal surfaces.

• Removes sludge easily: The synthetic polymer in MARS CHEM’S Boiler Sludge Conditioner makes the sludge non-adherent and fluid. Precipitated calcium salts, iron and silica are conditioned and kept free flowing, thus free flowing sludge can be easily removed during routine blow down.

• Cleans boiler: Non-adherent and free flowing sludge does not form deposits on the internal surface. Blow down valves, pipes and water tubes are kept clean, reducing maintenance costs and the number of shutdowns for cleaning.

• Reduces energy costs: MARS CHEM’S Boiler Sludge Conditioner keeps all heat exchange surfaces clean, improving heat transfer efficiency. This results in the complete utilization of fuel resulting in reduced fuel costs

PH Booster

MARS Chem’s Boiler Water ph Booster is a liquid alkaline formulation, used as alkalinity source for boiler feed water. It is synergized with properties of pH boosting and water conditioning.

Key Features and Benefits

• Minimizes corrosion of feed water tank, lines and pump

• Imparts water and sludge conditioning to minimize scaling and deposition

• Compatible with other treatment chemicals Compatible with other treatment chemicals

• Completely biodegradable chemicals

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